Social Media Celebrates Start Of #BlackMusicMonth

MUSIC NEWS - WWETV ADMIN (Kevin Douglas Article)



The contributions of the black community to the world of music is celebrated with #BlackMusicMonth in June.

African American Music Appreciation Month! was the creation of President Jimmy Carter in 1979. Formerly called National Black Music Month, this celebration of African American musical contributions is re-established annually by presidential proclamation.

The history of the music by African Americans goes deep and much further than what is played on current day radio with the latest hip hop songs. The categories are varied as much as it is layered with different aesthetics that make up the experience of living in society at different time periods.

With streaming being the major player in the music industry today for the way people consume music, all the major platforms will be celebrating Black Music Month with special services dedicated to your favorite artists.

The 2PAC Channel debuts on SiriusXM today. A limited-run channel from the legendary Prince is also available now. SiriusXM, Pandora and Stitcher honor Black Music Month with the launch of original podcast series, ‘All Music is Black Music’ featuring Kelly Rowland, Ne-Yo, St. Vincent, Regina Spektor and more.

The Prince Channel (ch. 333) will feature music from his vast catalog over the decades, ranging from his signature funk, slow jams, psychedelic rock and everything in between.  The channel will also spotlight Prince favorites from those who knew him best with Purple Playlists, B-sides and live performances.

Social media took no time in celebrating the kick off of the special month that pays tribute to artists who have inspired and entertained audiences throughout their lives. Check out some of the 1st day tweets below.