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Social Media Reacts To Kodak Black Blowing $100,000 Into Ocean



Kodak Black upset a few fans when he he threw $100,000 into the ocean and flushing money down the toilet as apart of his apparent feud with Jackboy.

There is drama looming between Sniper Gang signee Jackboy and label owner Kodak Black. Social media has been following their apparent fall-out as both men have been sneak-dissing one another. It took a step further when Kodak Black aired out all their dirty laundry for fans to see, while Jackboy has not stated anything negative directly to Kodak Black. The issue seemingly a financial one after Kodak Black claimed to make a million dollars of Jackboy.

In a late-night boat ride, Kodak Black uploaded to his social media account a video clip of throwing away $100,000 overboard. “I Broke You Off When Dem Fuck N***as Wouldn’t Give You A Dime,” wrote the rapper in his caption on Instagram, which many believe is targeted toward Jackboy. “I Ain’t Owe You Shit N***a I Just Wanted To See You Shine !!! Yeen Never Gave Me Shit N***a I Had My Own Grind !!!!”

A photo was also posted with him showing stacks of money, writing, “I Was Too Busy Showin Love I Ain’t See Da Signs , When You Needed Me Pussy I Came Thru Everytime , Whether You Was Right Or Wrong Fuck N***a I Was Riding …. But You Envied Me N***a In Da Back Of Yo Mind.”

Kodak Black continued his antics for social media by sharing a video of himself stashing a thousand dollars into a toilet bowl and flushing the cash down the toilet.

Atlanta rapper Trouble wants to see peace between the two, commenting on one of the posts, “Man yall n***az go make dat shit right! Real n***az go thru real shit! But who gon Be real enuff to drop dey pride first an admit wrongs.. I got thugluv for Boffa yall @1804jackboy @kodakblack.”

Check out reactions in the video below.