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Social Media Reacts To Usher Allegedly Paying Strippers With Fake Money

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Usher is being hounded by fans online for allegedly paying a strip club’s dancers with phony money.

Usher is an artist that has seen multiple top charting hits in multiple decades since his career began in the 90’s. There has never been any reports on the singer having any financial burdens upon him, but for some reason, he thought it was okay to visit a strip club with alleged fake money. The fake cash was used to pay the club’s dancers with “Ush Bucks” instead of real money.

A dancer from the club decided to air out Usher online by posting a photo of the singer with the caption, “So disrespectful, this is foul,” she wrote on Instagram, showing the money, which is decorated with photos of the singer’s face. “Working so hard to get nothing in return! This is a joke!! Their job is to entertain, take your cheap ass back home!!!!!”

There has been response from Usher of the allegation. The iconic singer caught the wrath of the social media users of multiple platforms. Some people called out Usher for posting phony money in the past week on his accounts that they have referred to as “Usher Bucks”. It seems the weekend was a time when Usher went out with some friends and this is the time period of the allegations by one of the dancers.

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