Social Media Remembers Malcolm X Assassination On This Day

Black History Month - WWETV Admin

black history month

The 1950’s and 1960’s were a time of change in the United States which caused powerful figures such as Malcolm X to be targeted. His daughters recently made news that there is new evidence that could bring more light to the corruption surrounding their father’s death.

In the recent WorldWide Unplugged Episode5, WWETV took a look at the assassination of the Black Panthers founder, Fred Hampton, by the hands of a FBI informant. Unplugged Podcast also asked the question of what would Malcolm X tell the hip hop generation today if he was alive?

The government in the 60’s had tension between those who were trying to keep the status quo and those who were for the civil rights movement that wanted to make change to the system.

In the black community, there was also charismatic leaders rising with different philosophies from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Malcolm X to Elijah Muhammad. The world of entertainment even saw actors and artists becoming more political with their platforms such as Nina Simone.

The drama and tension of the era all created situations where solutions had to be made because the United States needed unity as the War In Vietnam was right around the corner. Today in the era of social media, the world remembers the day of the iconic civil rights leader lost his life.

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