Social Media Speculates Kim Kardashian May Not Have Voted For Kanye

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The 2020 election has been one of the most intense in history. As of this writing in the early afternoon of November 4th, there still has not been an official announcement on who the actual winner of the election is.

The race has been that close, but unbelievably Kanye West was able to receive 50,000 votes from United States citizens for the most powerful position in the country. Meanwhile, President Trump and Joe Biden battle it out with vote counting from all over the country.

Kim Kardashian told her huge following that she voted, but it is a lot of speculation on who she voted for especially with her own husband on the ballot. It is not confirmed if she voted for Trump who she has worked together with for prison reform or if it was for democratic party leader Joe Biden.

Social Media is known to dig deep into topics when questions aren’t answered and it seems there are a couple speculations on who the reality star may have given her vote to. Two interactions on Kim Kardashian’s Twitter account suggest that she may have shown her support to the Biden/Harris campaign. The first tweet was one of Kid Cudi who wrote, “Vote for Biden if you a real one.” The second was a retweet of Kamala Harris’ message on going out to vote. Perhaps, Kim simply agreed with the message of carrying out one’s civil duties to cast their vote and make their voices heard. Plus, Kim’s remained awfully quiet about Kanye’s presidential push, though she did remain in support of her husband following his dreams.

Instagram speculated differently with Kim Kardashian going all MAGA. There wasn’t much to back up this claim aside from the fact that Kim Kardashian shared a photo after she cast her vote rocking a red dress. It didn’t help that Kim later took down the photo to re-post it in black-and-white.

She hasn’t confirmed her support for the Democratic party, Republican party, or the Birthday Party but we hope that she continues her criminal justice reform efforts regardless of who wins the election.