Sony Admits R. Kelly New Album Is A Soundcloud Bootleg


A representative  for the Sony Music label has revealed to the public there are no new releases of a R. Kelly album on any DSPs.

Despite living the life of a prisoner after getting convicted of sexual crimes, fans got a surprise on Friday December 9th when new music appeared on Spotify. An album titled, I Admit It appeared on his streaming pages. The project contains no features 13 songs in total with no features. ” Kelly is serving a 30-year prison sentence after being found guilty of multiple sexual-misconduct-related charges in New York last year; he is awaiting trial in Illinois and other jurisdictions.

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An attorney for Kelly, Jennifer Bonjean, tells Variety that singer has been a victim stating “is having intellectual property stolen from him.”

A source close to the situation tells Variety that the album was released by the Los Angeles-based label Real Talk Entertainment. The label boats such past releases mainstream artists such as Bone Thugz N Harmony and early ’00s rappers like Chingy, Freeway and Young Buck. There is no information on whether or not the music they released of R. Kelly was cleared or if the company acquired the rights to the Kelly recordings, or the rights to the name Legacy Recordings.


Sony currently owns the rights to Kelly’s catalog. While the copyright line says the project dropped under Sony Music’s division Legacy Records, the rep said that I Admit It is not an official release.

The album features titles like “Freaky Sensation” and “The Last Man Standing.” Some of the songs on the album surfaced online over the past few years. Many of the songs appeared online before the fake album popped up.

The album’s title comes from a 19-minute song he released in July of 2018 in which, contrary to the title, he essentially denies the longstanding sexual-misconduct allegations against him. Check out the social media reactions below.