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Sophia Sojay Jackson Interview with Brooklyn Tea Talk

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Sophia Sojay Jackson Interview with Brooklyn Tea Talk About Soulful Colour Books & More

Women’s History Month continues with WWETV in Toronto. Author, Sophia Sojay Jackson, who has created multiple colouring books, attended a special author convention in her city on March 12, 2022. She sits down with Brooklyn Tea Talk to speak about why she helps people through her books and motivation speeches and more.

Check out the interview below.

Author, Speaker, Singer, Songwriter, Financial Wellbeing Coach, Child and Youth Counselor, Investor…let’s just call her an Entrepreneur and Connector. The Soulful Colour book series are colouring books for both Adults and Children.

Adult colouring books are extremely popular and Soulful Colour is unique because it is one of if not the only affirmation colouring book that exists with an urban theme. Sophia helps professional women of colour realize the existing connection between their emotional and financial wellbeing, to foster selfcare maximise cash flow and make strategic financial decisions.

You can purchase the books on Amazon and other online stores along with her official website.