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Soulja Boy Calls Out No Jumper, VladTv, XXL & Hotnewhiphop

CELEBRITY NEWS - Kevin Douglas Article

President Donald Trump was known for making the phrase “Fake News” popular as he was in opposition to narratives being presented on news outlets such as CNN, NBC, ABC, and most recently Fox.

The trend of “fake news” has also been pointed at social media platforms which has many of its users giving their take on topics and presenting news in their own form. It was just yesterday (December 21), that Reuters put out a press release that Facebook removed anti-vaccine “fake news” in Israel.

Soulja Boy who helped to usher in the new era of online promotion of artists when he utilized the early days of youtube is calling out hip hop blogs as “fake news”.

“Motherf*cking HotNewHipHop, XXL, and No Jumper is motherf*cking fake media,” said Soulja Boy. “It’s false media. I have elevated past the level of certain media platforms. So, if y’all see these media platforms putting my name in they blogs, do not read the sh*t because they trolling. Anything that you wanna hear, come hear it direct from the source. I’ll tell you directly what it is.”

You can hear the rant from Soulja Boy in the video below.