Soulja Boy Gives Candy-Selling Boys Money After DaBaby Debacle

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Soulja Boy Does Exact Opposite of DaBaby in terms of giving candy giving boys money and allowing them to keep merchandise.

Soulja Boy has been a blueprint for online notoriety for decades and shows his knowledge of using it to his advantage.

His latest online action sees him as the first rapper to give money to these boys selling candy and let them keep their inventory. The 30-year-old artist as a teenager hustled his way to fame and fortune with exploiting at the time the new medium of Youtube. He must have seen an error in the ways of DaBaby who was trying to teach some youth a lesson when they tried to hustle $200 out of him for a box of candies.

Soulja Boy shared his wealth with hustling kids selling candy, handing them “a bankroll” and letting them keep their inventory. This week, Big Draco uploaded a video of himself handing multiple bills to a couple of boys that were selling candy on the street. He made sure to capture the good deed on camera, exclaiming, “Count up! And I don’t want the candy! First rapper to give a bankroll and let ’em keep the candy.”