Soulja Boy’s Ex Testifies About Alleged Abuse In Civil Trial


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Hip Hop artist, Soulja Boy, encounters legal issues with an ex-girlfriend who has testified about alleged abuse from the rapper that occurred in 2019.


She also revealed photos of her injuries. Although Soulja Boy is known for his outrageous antics. From taking credit as the pioneer for just about anything, to saying Drake stole his entire flow word for word bar for bar, there’s never a dull moment with Big Draco. However, this situation takes the entire cake. Kayla Meyers, Soulja’s ex, showcased her injuries to the court as evidence for the alleged attack at a party in February 2019.

Although, this isn’t the first time Meyers sued the “Crank Dat” rapper. She previously filed a lawsuit against Soulja Boy (DeAndre Cortez Way) and his assistant, Tevin Anderson for sexual battery. The alleged assault and kidnapping occurred at Soulja Boy’s Malibu home, reportedly lasting six hours. As Meyers was leaving, an argument ensued between her and one of Soulja’s assistants. Moreover, she reports that she was knocked on the ground and kicked in the stomach. The artist allegedly then proceeds to tell her she was going to die as he held a “large” gun to her head.

Soulja Boy’s Ex Testifies In Civil Suit

Not only that, the rapper then allegedly directed a different assistant to tie her up with duct tape and shower her to clean her up from the beating. According to the lawsuit, Soulja allowed Meyers to leave at 8 a.m. He also supposedly remarked: “Now get this bitch outta here before I knock her down the stairs.” According to Radar Online, Meyers also showed text and DMs allegedly sent to her by the SODMG founder. Although, no further details were available on this matter.

However, in the past Big Draco was never criminally charged for the assault. Although, weapons were found in his home, which violated his probation. He was denied any wrongdoing as well as blaming a third party for Meyer’s injuries. The news of the civil trial after Soulja made headlines after making violent threats towards New Jersey fans. This was after fans from the Garden State said they would take $250 in food stamps over dinner with him. Despite the lack of criminal charges against Soulja Boy, the civil trial highlights some serious allegations.