Sources Say Lakers Confident in Kawhi Leonard Signing


The rumblings have only increased that Kawhi Leonard is seriously considering joining the storied Los Angeles Lakers. The team recently acquired the services of Anthony Davis and last year we all saw Lebron James join LA’s most iconic team (sorry Clippers).

Kevin Durant, shocked everyone when he decided to leave Golden State Warriors for the Brooklyn Nets. Kawhi Leonard is a reigning NBA Champion and Finals MVP, so it is only fitting he has the world waiting on his next move. There are those in the know and also plenty of assumptions, that state Leonard is headed to play for the Lakers.

It was first reported, that Kawhi Leonard was strongly considering to resign with the NBA Champions. NBA insider Ric Bucher told Colin Cowherd that sources closely attached to the Raptors believe Leonard is considering a one-year deal with the Raptors. This game plan would lead the star player to be eligible for the league’s five year supermax deal in 2020. It would also give him another great opportunity to win another chip. The Lakers organization however feels very confident that they will get Leonard according to a radio interview conducted on LA AM570 Sports.

They’re not nervous right now. They are not as nervous as you would think they would be with all these names they could potentially sign if they don’t get Kawhi coming off the board. They are 100% all in on Kawhi. It doesn’t mean that they know they’re going to get him, but they didn’t create this cap space for a hail mary. They were cautiously optimistic and don’t view themselves as a dark horse pick. They think they have a real chance.

NBA Insider
Arash Markazi

Another radio station, 957 The Game, in Golden State, has someone making the claim that Kawhi Leonard is a done deal for Lakers.

What we have learned of Kawhi Leonard, is that he is always cool and collective during intense moments. His free agency, is just another example of this. He is playing his cards correctly and not really showing his hand recently. It is all conjecture at the moment on what “The Board Man” will do next and which team will get his services. The tweet below says it all.

The legendary Scottie Pippen’s take on the whole situation is that “I wouldn’t turn my back on my teammates”, but he also stated signing a one year deal was probably most attractive. It would give his teammates a chance to defend the titles and the city of Toronto could be at ease.