‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ Director On Recreating Movie

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“Space Jam: A New Legacy” hits theaters this week. The update to the popular 1996 film that starred Michael Jordan has a new hero in Lebron James.

Hollywood took twenty five years for it to conjure up the sequel to the hit 1996 film Space Jam. At the time of its release, Michael Jordan was the star of the NBA who was on his comeback from trying out for Major League Baseball. Space Jam 2 in 2021 has a new star that is leading the NBA similarly to how “Air Jordan” did in the 90’s.

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Unlike Michael Jordan‘s Space Jam, this rendition sees a seasoned and beloved actor Don Cheadle assisting in the acting. Another difference with Space Jam: A. New Legacy compared to the original is the technology that is an obvious upgrade. The graphics are on a level that the 1990’s weren’t capable of pulling off as we see our favorite characters from the world of Looney Tunes in their classic 2D scenario with CGI.

The stars of the show still is clearly Bugs Bunny and the cast, but one cannot deny the presence of “King James” in the film. Of course comparisons are being made between the two basketball legends in terms of their performances on screen with acting. It will be interesting to see what fans think of the two NBA greats as the two men are always in debates of who is the greater star in basketball. Who will people say is the greater actor? Without spoiling who wins between Tune Squad and Goon Squad, or whether or not Jordan actually makes a last-minute cameo — director Malcolm D. Lee had a lot of fun teasing the return of MJ — but we can confirm tons of laughs, a stellar “halftime performance” tribute to Biggie by Porky Pig – err, we mean The Notorious P.I.G. — and a great family film overall with Space Jam 2.

Check out the interview on Inside Edtion below with Malcolm D. Lee to see his viewpoint on the process of recreating this film below.