Spice 1 Claims Tupac Had Faith Evans Before Biggie Smalls

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One of the biggest feuds in hip hop history had Faith Evans in the mix as Tupac made claims about being with her on the infamous “Hit ‘Em Up” single.

The song saw the iconic Tupac Shakur at his most venomous spitting rhymes against New York and Bad Boy Records. He specifically took aim at Notorious B.I.G. who was once his friend. There have been movies and documentaries about both men losing their lives within months of each other.

However, a new claim by Tupac associate, Spice 1, reveals that he was told by 2Pac that he was intimate with Faith Evans before Biggie Smalls was married to her. If this claim is to be believed, it may explain certain things according to the account of the LA studio session and Faith Evans saying she did not sleep with Tupac Shakur around that time. In any case, check out the clip below.