Stars Shine with Fashion at Met Gala 2019

Although many fans were disappointed to find out Rihanna was not going to make one of her iconic moments at the Met Gala 2019, it didn’t stop people online from creating their own vision of what Rihanna may have worn.

It stems from Rihanna’s jaw dropping outfit in 2015 that is still considered the best dress in the event’s history.

Moving forward to the present day we see our share of eye popping wear at the event for the 2019 version. Cardi B had a similar long gown reminiscent of Rihanna and awed the crowd.

Zendaya came out looking like a real life princess out of a comic book.

The couple of the night had to go to former NBA star Dwayne Wade and his actress wife Gabrielle Union. The two came out in a stunning match pair.