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Stefflon Don Calls Out Prime Minister Boris Johnson After Brother Wanted Over BLM Support


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Stefflon Don is one of the more popular hip hop stars coming out of the United Kingdom who has crossed over with a fan base in North America. She has voiced her thoughts on the whole current worldwide situation concerning “Black Lives Matter and protests against police injustice.

She has taken to social media to let her followers know that her brother who also supports BLM is a wanted man. She reached out to the Prime Minister hoping to get answers.

“My brother is wanted by the @metpoliceuk because he said on Instagram that he was going to the BLM protest last Saturday but he did not even go,” she wrote on Twitter, expanding further. “They came bursting into my sisters house while her child was there ransacked it and searched every where. @BorisJohnson how is this ok?”

Stefflon Don continued by revealing that her brother is on license and the police are looking to recall him.

“Systematic oppression is real, and this is totally unfair,” she wrote. “These are the reasons we Protest. These are the reasons we are hurting, because we are continuously treated unfairly. We protest for equality, freedom, and for people to value our lives as much as they value others. What is so wrong with wanting this?”

Read her full post below.