Stephanie Mills On Michael Jackson Transformation & More

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Michael Jackson was one of the most popular persons ever and he had many admirers. Included in that large group of people included fellow celebrities such as singer, Stephanie Mills, of  the broadway show, The Wiz in the late 1970’s. She once stated “I thought I was gonna marry Michael. I was so in love with Michael,” Stephanie, in an interview with Mutha.

“This was during the time when he was doing The Wiz movie [in 1977], and before that. I knew Michael because he used to come to the show all the time and hang out backstage with me”.

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“Michael was really, really shy. But back then, I was aggressive.” Stephanie Mills has been pretty quiet about her relationship to Michael Jackson amidst the media circus around “Leaving Neverland” earlier this year. She sat down with The Breakfast Club to chop it up about “The King Of Pop” and has transformation from the time she knew him in the 1970’s and following decades.