Stephanie Mills Says Ex Husband Taught Michael Jackson Moonwalk

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Stephanie Mills spoke with Shawn Perez over at Vladtv about her relationship with Michael Jackson and more.

She reveals what it was like reconnecting with Michael Jackson on the set of his “Bad” music video. The two were a couple years before during his Off The Wall album era. Stephanie went on to reveal that her ex-husband, Shalamar member Jeffrey Daniel, taught Michael how to moonwalk.


Stephanie added that she was there when Jeffrey and his friends taught Michael how to moonwalk, and she stated, “I saw it with my own eyes.” When asked about her whispering something to Michael on the “Bad” set, Stephanie said that she didn’t want to disclose what she said. Moving along, Stephanie spoke about the “Bad” video set being the first time she had seen Michael in years, and she noticed that he looked so different.

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Stephanie then pointed to Michael, Sammy Davis Jr., and Natalie Cole not being celebrated like other artists, including Elvis. When asked if she thinks Michael was proud of her career, Stephanie stated that she was unsure about what he thought, but she added that Michael always appreciated people with talent.

Stephanie Mills recounted dating Michael Jackson and described the nature of their brief relationship. She said that things ultimately didn’t work out because she was too black for Michael and he had visions of entering the pop space with a “different” type of woman on his arm.

The multiple lawsuits against Michael Jackson was brought up during the interview. Stephanie Mills if Michael Jackson always liked to be around kids, and she said that Michael would hang out with her little brother when she would shop with LaToya. When asked if she saw anything suspicious about Michael and children, Stephanie believed that Michael was “set up,” and she went on to add that Michael would never hurt a child. Stephanie also spoke about Michael being taken to court twice and beating both cases. Stephanie went on to speak about Michael not having a childhood, connecting with kids, and liking to be around their energy.

Shawn Prez spoke about Oprah interviewing alleged victims who created the “Leaving Neverland” documentary, and Stephanie pointed out that about Oprah interviewed Michael at his house because Michael trusted her. Stephanie also spoke about Michael not being alive to defend himself, and she added that Michael, R. Kelly, and Kobe Bryant have been exploited by Black journalists.

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