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Sticky Green – #WorldWide Artist Of The Week

(WWETV Network) Venom was once again asked by WorldWide Entertainment TV to pen an article for a special day for one of the bigger contributors to the history of hip hop in not only Toronto, but Canada. Today marks the birthday of Toronto hip hop artist, Sticky Green, who made a name for himself in The Smugglaz rap group with the controversial music video for its time in Canada, “Street Rappers” which also became a short documentary on the critically acclaimed CBC “The National” television program.

Born on September 13th, he has faced and overcome many obstacles thrown his way in trying to help bring awareness of his troubled area aka the infamous Jane-Finch corridor in Toronto.

A few months ago, WWETV announced “Herb Middleton’s From The Ground Up” reality docuseries by former Bad Boy Records producer, Herb Middleton, who has worked on music for acts such as Biggie Smalls, Bobby Brown, and Mary J. Blige. When the producer heard music from Sticky Green, he stated, “he’s like the Biggie Smalls Of Canada”.

Sticky Green has been representing the city of Toronto before it was nicknamed “The 6ix” and dropped music videos that shared the thoughts of many in the city that were losing friends to murder with songs like “Smile”.

He also created music from firsthand perspective of living in the troubled areas of Toronto that goes unnoticed in mainstream hip hop for the country. One of his most personal songs imo was the single “Pain” where he describes what it feels like everyday living with a bullet in his spine after being shot a total of 12-14 times within a year in 1998 and 1999.

His raspy voice is a Canadian hip hop trademark and his tendency to get lit at parties made him known as the “Party Staat” Mixtape King with songs such as “Get Drunk”.

The original Toronto street rapper also shows he can diversify his music by creating music for the ladies. One song in particular had reached the top 5 Unsigned Hype list on Western New York radio station WBLK 93.7fm entitled “Tonight” which featured singer/rapper Shea Marie.

Sticky Green is about to drop new music videos and new music in 2019 and 2020. He promises to keep representing his city to the fullest even among the latest rappers who have risen on the scene in the last few years. He is #WorldWide Artist Of The Week.

You can stream Sticky Green music on all major platforms with albums and singles such as below.


This has been a WWETV exclusive article by blogger Venom