The Lox are legendary in the world of hip hop and Styles P has released solo projects that include a “Gentleman and a Gangster.” He lived up to that moniker when a video went viral on Tuesday night after a video emerged of the Yonkers rapper intervening as police attempted to arrest a young woman outside of Juices For Life. The police are aggressively manhandling the young woman while someone films and Styles P steps in to help her out. The rapper immediately tells the woman to “loosen up” to prevent police from claiming that she is resisting arrest. One officer then steps to Styles P before the rapper tells him, “Yousa hoe!”


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As the officer attempts to step toward Styles, he calls him out for having his hand on his holster while arresting the young lady. P also told the man that he’s not from the community and was “scared.” As the officer told P to back up, Styles told him to do the same, blasting him for putting his hands on a woman.