Styles P Says Biggie Smalls Took Shots At Tupac On Multiple Songs

Biggie Took Subliminal Shots At 2Pac On 'Going Back To Cali,' 'Notorious Thugs,' and 'The Ugliest.'

Styles P is a hip hop legend who rode with Notorious B.I.G. during the infamous east and west coast rivalry.

The Lox and Biggie Smalls first collaboration came about on a mixtape collaboration, titled “You’ll See.” During the recording session, Diddy put the trio in the studio with little instruction and a beat based off EPMD’s 1988 classic “You’re a Customer.”

“He gave us that beat and let us do it and then he threw Big on it. That was the introduction of the LOX being on Bad Boy,” Kiss told Genius.


So it was only fitting that Styles P spoke with Art Of Dialogue about how Biggie also dissed Tupac on various singles such as “Going Back To Cali,” “Notorious Thugs,” and “The Ugliest.”

Ironically, the Yonkers legend doesn’t believe “Long Kiss Goodnight” was a diss towards Tupac Shakur. The interviewer believes it was and so do a lot of people. “I don’t think that particular song was a subliminal to Pac,” Styles P stated.