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Suge Knight Envisions Drake, Beyoncé, & Cardi B on A New 2Pac Album


When it’s time to do a real Tupac album, you get the right people that work with him, that he would work with, you know, like Drake or … Beyoncé likes Tupac music

Suge Knight

The infamous head honcho of the notorious 90’s music label Deathrow Records spoke with The Mail recently. During the interview he revealed that there are enough unreleased songs by Tupac to create a new album. He gave his opinion about the music and how he would like to see it crafted. 


“[It’s] not that they was bad songs but those are songs that ‘Pac didn’t want to be out on an album or want to be out

Suge Knight
Cardi B

e would definitely appreciate to see her with him and Cardi B is probably the most aggressive entertainer in the biz today. And I think she’s the female version of Tupac. Tupac with a skirt. Yeah

Suge Knight

Suge Knight also addressed the rumors that Tupac may still be alive and also the actions of his son on social media concerning the slain iconic rapper. 


For me personally, there were sightings,”

“I knew my son was one of those times”

Suge Knight

The rumors of Tupac Shakur still living amongst society has been swirling since September of 1996. Suge Knight in latter years began stating the same rumor. 


“He wasn’t happy in prison, so he felt that he would never go back to prison no matter what. And then the other thing was that his nickname was Makaveli. Everybody did know that. He was all about Makaveli, and as you know Makaveli faked his death so he was always talking about faking his death before he would go back to prison