Suspect Indicted for Murder of Takeoff in Houston


After almost eight months since the tragic shooting that claimed the life of Kirsnick Khari Ball, better known as Takeoff, a grand jury has formally indicted Patrick Xavier Clark for his murder in Houston. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that Clark was officially charged on Thursday morning, bringing some semblance of closure to the loved ones of the Migos rapper.

The incident occurred on November 1 outside a private bowling alley party, resulting in Takeoff’s death and injuries to two others. Speculation regarding Clark’s whereabouts and legal status has been rife in the media, but now it appears that a formal trial will follow, offering some relief to those affected.


Clark’s arrest by the police was confirmed in December 2022. However, there had been limited information about his status since then, particularly after he was released on a $1 million bond. Prior to that, officials had set his bond at $2 million, making his release even more peculiar as neither his family nor Clark himself posted the bail money. Clark’s attorney, Letitia D. Quinones, explained that a concerned citizen and family friend, who believed in his innocence, had posted the bond on his behalf. Quinones emphasized that, like any defendant, Clark is presumed innocent and has the right to bond, along with the obligation to comply with all court terms.


Furthermore, it has been reported that Clark intends to argue self-defense in the case. According to one of his lawyers, they are confident that Clark will have a valid claim for self-defense when the time is right. Clark has also expressed his intention to live with his parents during court proceedings, aiming to lower his bail and refute any suggestions that he is a flight risk. It is worth noting that he allegedly attempted to flee to Mexico and obtain an emergency passport before his arrest for Takeoff’s murder.


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While the pursuit of justice is an encouraging development, Takeoff’s legacy endures in more meaningful ways through the memories of his loved ones, fans, collaborators, and family. His final collaboration with Offset will be featured on the latter’s new album, and Quave dedicated his upcoming project, “Rocket Power,” to Takeoff as well. The rap world eagerly awaits Clark’s fate, but they will always ensure that Takeoff’s legacy remains vibrant and alive.

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