SWV Singer Coko States Witnessing Shooting Before “Verzuz”

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As she went live to perform for fans on “Verzuz”, Coko explains why she was visibly distraught to start of the show.

Atlanta was center stage for the showdown between SWV and Xscape as the women relived live some of their most well known hits. Fans noticed SWV singer Coko seemed to have something on her mind and distant for a bit at the show’s beginning with low energy. Some called her out for being shady or having an attitude, but the award-winning singer revealed that she witnessed the shooting death while at her hotel before the show.

In a caption to an Instagram photo, Coko detailed her experience. “Last night as I’m preparing for Verzuz, a lady was shot outside my hotel window. To see & hear the four shots, see her laying on the ground and all the blood was unbelievable!!” Coko wrote. “Thennnn…I get to the venue and had a really bad anxiety attack! Literally crying & screaming.”

“Yeah y’all saw me looking uncomfortable & irritated during the first half but, if it wasn’t for my son @jayyemichael @ynottamiya & @mrljb I probably wouldn’t have been out there at all,” she added. “Thank you for calming me down & understanding my mental. I love y’all to the fullest!! [red heart emojis] I always say most won’t care to understand but when you get those that do cherish them!!”

Such a tragedy, especially during a weekend celebration where families are coming together. Check out Coko’s post about her pre-Verzuz experience below.