Boosie Badazz and T.I.’s album and friendship is in the dumps after Boosie made commentary about T.I. over an episode of expediTIously where Troubleman admitted that he pinned a gun charge on his dead cousin.

“We at Lennox Mall parking lot, we unload the truck [of stolen clothes], I’m talking to the man while I’m making the play,” he said. At this point, Tip revealed that the customer was taking his time verifying the authenticity of the clothes. That’s when the security showed up.

“We get in the car and we pull off. And then, of course, they followed behind us and called the real police. So before we actually get on the expressway, the real police pull us over. I have a gun,” TIP said.


The argument on snitching ensued, which is something that Tip has faced in the past on numerous occasions. However, Boosie, who is the most outspoken anti-snitch advocate, felt confused by the statements. He explained that he’s known T.I, for years so he didn’t understand why he’d speak on this publicly. “If he did that, you’re a fuckin’ rat, too,” he said. “If you cooperate with law enforcement to get you out of trouble… that means you’re a rat.”

During the episode of experdiTIously in 2020, T.I. explained that he caught a gun charge with his cousin, though it was later dismissed. “After he had passed, I had a talk with him. Toot said, ‘I’ll take all the charges you got! If you can walk away free and put it on me, goddamn right!” Tip recalled his cousin telling him.