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T.I. Reacts To Busta Rhymes’ Verzuz Battle Reaction Over Generation Gap

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T.I. believes LL Cool J or Twista would be a better fit for a Verzuz match-up for Busta Rhymes and reiterates once more to Busta Rhymes why he isn’t the right challenger.

T.I. turned down Busta Rhymes’ for a showdown on second season of Verzuz. He first stated that there is a generational gap between them. The former Leaders of The New School member was not happy at the dismissal, but the two don’t have ill will towards each other.

Busta Rhymes tried to goad the “King Of The South”” on instagram after the turn down, but it led nowhere. The men ended up seeing each other at a panel discussion where T.I. further explained why he is avoiding Busta Rhymes.

“I spoke to Busta,” said T.I. about his virtual discussion with the rapper. “I gave him LL [Cool J]’s number. I told him, that’s the tree you want to bark up. You might want to get back in the generation of yours that you want to represent for. Busta is an incredible talent. An undeniable legend. Ain’t no quarrels or ain’t no criticism. There’s no dispute here. Just as I know with great certainty that he belongs in the generation that he represents.”

T.I. illustrated why the generation gap would not make a good confrontation below.

“If you play a record that came out in ’87, what I’m gone do? Play a record that came out in ’93? What am I gone do,” asked Tip. “I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel even keel. You know, Busta and LL… Busta and Twista… I think all of those are excellent match-ups. I know he wouldn’t be avoiding them to come into the 2000 generation just to avoid a true match-up from someone in his generation.”

T.I. also spoke about the Biden vs Trump debate and more in the video above.