T.I. Receives Honor In Atlanta For Humanitarianism


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Atlanta has recognized hip hop artist and actor T.I. for his community service in his home state of Georgia.

Hip hop’s “King Of The South” received the “Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award” by Rep. Debra Bazemore (D-GA) at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta on Wednesday (August 10).

The reality television family also joined him as Tiny, and sons, Domani and Messiah were seen with him getting his just due for his various philanthropic and community efforts.

“In the grand scheme of things, we are only here on Earth in this life for a short period of time, and once we leave, people won’t remember the clothes we wore or the things we have,” T.I. said while accepting the award.

“We will only be remembered by what we meant to our family, our children and what we were able to do for others.”

Tip also received the Volunteer’s Achievement Lifetime Award, which was presented to him by Global International Alliance on behalf of President Joe Biden. It recognizes the rapper’s 4,000 hours of service to the United States.

“So…You spend years grinding,fighting, clawing and climbing with what feels like the weight(&Hate)of the world on your shoulders….oftentimes feeling like no one cares, notices, or appreciates your efforts, intentions or sacrifices,” he wrote on Instagram.

“then BAM God hits you it you face wit a blessing that shows you,you don’t know [shit]…. So humbled and thankful for @rep.debrabazemore63 @ambassadorpeterson @joebiden @vp & everyone else who had a hand in making this possible. Can’t thank you enough for these prestigious honors. God IS THE Greatest.”



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In another post showing a close-up of his awards, T.I. added: “Thank God for @rep.debrabazemore63 @ambassadorpeterson @joebiden @vp & everyone else who had a hand in making this possible..

“I’m Genuinely Grateful for these prestigious honors…& While I don’t know exactly what they mean specifically… it sure feels good to have em #GodistheGreatest #MyGodDONTPLAYboutME.”