T.I. & Tiny Address Three New Sexual Assault Allegations

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T.I. & Tiny have issued a statement concerning the new three women with accusations.

On April 6th, 2021, following three new sexual assault allegations from as many women, T.I. and Tiny’s lawyer Steve Sadow has officially issued a statement on behalf of his clients.

“The Harrises are still waiting for the accusers to reveal themselves publicly,” Sadow explained, speaking with Billboard. “By continuing to hide behind anonymous allegations, the unnamed accusers effectively render themselves not credible and unworthy of belief. We say: Let the light shine on their identities so we can go about disproving these scurrilous accusations.”

Page Six and Billboard reports the women have enlisted attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn, who has been representing several of the women with accusations against the Harrises. The same report cites a statement from Blackburn’s spokesperson, in which a 20-year-old woman claims the couple “pulled out a pill and forced her to swallow it” at a Miami nightclub in 2010. The woman claims that she was later taken to a hotel in South Beach, forced to “take a powdered substance from [T.I’s] finger,” and forcibly undressed by Tiny.

“[Tiny] undressed her and proceeded to engage in sexual intercourse,” continues the statement. “She said her body was numb, the room was slowing down, and she could not consent.” This follows a report from several days ago, where two women came forward to accuse T.I. and Tiny of rape and sex trafficking.

Despite the mounting number of accusations, many of which share similarities, T.I. and Tiny have continued to categorically deny their involvement. While no charges have been officially pressed as of yet, Blackburn’s spokesperson claims that the lawyer is “speaking with investigators from multiple jurisdictions to pursue criminal charges.” Stay tuned for further updates as this developing story unfolds.