T.I. & Tiny Reportedly Allegedly Tried To Make A Deal With Sexual Abuse Accusers

Tameka 'Tiny' Harris and her husband, rapper T.I (Clifford Harris). Picture: Instagram

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Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris and her husband, rapper T.I (Clifford Harris). Picture: Instagram

The lawyer representing the women making claims against T.I. & Tiny’s claims the couple tried to strike a deal with them.

After Sabrina Peterson‘s claims of sexual abuse and T.I. putting a gun to her head with threats, the celebrity husband and wife have received a line up of more accusers that started popping up on social media. The accusations include T.I. and Tiny recruiting women as victims of sex trafficking, drugging them, and engaging in sexual acts against their consent.

Attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn is currently representing eleven women accusing Tip and Tiny of sexual assault and other crimes, and he’s claiming that the couple’s attorney approached him to strike a deal to drop this matter according to CBS News. “[Attorney] Steve Sadow reached out to me looking to make a deal on behalf of T.I. and Tiny,” said Blackburn in a statement. “And I told Steve Sadow my clients want justice. So, if the deal involves Tiny and T.I. turning themselves in and admitting to the crimes they have committed then fine we got a deal. But if it does not, then I would prefer the investigators do that work and to bring criminal charges against Tiny and T.I. for what they’ve done throughout the years.”

Blackburn says that none of the women he’s representing know one another and that they were all victims of T.I. and Tiny on separate occasions. The crimes they’re accusing them of carrying out include “sexual abuse, forced ingestion of illegal narcotics, kidnapping, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment”.

Azealia Banks has also given input into the allegations adding Iggy Azalea’s name to the long list as being a possible victim. T.I.’s issue with these women have caused the executives behind the film “Ant-Man” to drop the Atlanta rap legend.