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T.I. & Tiny’s Friend Shekinah Claims Sabrina Peterson Recruited Women For Couple


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The drama between T.I. and his wife’s friend Sabrina Peters continues to grow.

In the last few days, T.I. has seen a hit put on his reputation when allegations of him holding a gun to the head of Sabrina Peters was revealed according to the Glam University personality. Tiny rebuked the claim and questioned why Sabrina would later allow T.I. near her children if Peterson thought he was such a threat.

Sabrina decided to bring on upwards to 15 women who had complaints against the couple claiming drug and sexual assault. There has been no response from T.I. about any of this, but Tiny’s best friend has come to his defense. Shekinah stated that Sabrina is looking for attention. “She wants Tiny,” said Shekinah. “She obsessed with Tiny. She wants Tiny to be her girlfriend.”

Then, Shekinah admitted Sabrina had sex with T.I. in the past and questioned why Peterson didn’t divulge that information. “Why she didn’t tell y’all, that she done had some of that d*ck?” asked Shekinah. “Why she didn’t tell y’all?… Ask her how Tameka taste. Ask her if she wants some mo’ and if that’s the problem.”

“Ask her what was going on when she was in the threesomes and foursomes,” Shekinah continued. “What about when she used to go get and recruit the hoes for ’em. Where she at in this?”