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T.I’s Controversial Security Footage Released In Full

T.I. went viral when news broke that the rapper was denied entry to the gated community where he lives and pays rent. The reaction of the guard most likely stemmed from being caught snoozing on the job. The guard was relentless in his decision not to back down to T.I. for entry onto the premises. This led Tip to find himself in police custody. The rapper recieved charges for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.


It has now been discovered that new security footage has been released of the night in question. It shows the guard sleeping upon T.I.’s arrival.

“You was sleep, and you waking up trying to exert some muthafu*kin authority,” says T.I. “You was sleep!” and the hip hop artist proceeded to tell the guard to “hit the muthafu*kin button!”

The guard is also told that he is there to work for the community. “You made a bad mistake, and one day you going to come back in front of me and you gon’ ask me to forgive you,” says Tip. “And I’m probably gon’ do it.”