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Trina Declares NO BEEF with Nicki Minaj

Trina kept her word and appeared on Instagram live to denounce anyone trying to stir up animosity with her and artists who have helped to contribute to her last album.She emphatically let it be known that she has no beef at all with Nicki Minaj and thanked everyone who did...

cardi b nicki minaj

Cardi B Brings The Receipts For Nicki Minaj

During Nicki Minaj's celebration of her 1 year anniversary of Queen Radio, the top selling female rapper got into a heated discussion with Joe Budden over Cardi B. She subsequently kicked Budden off the air for his remarks. Nicki Minaj then went onto Joe Budden's show later on in the...


Trina States She Will Address Nicki Minaj Comments

Trina went on Twitter late Tuesday night to make the proclamation that she does not need anyone to speak for her. She states that she will address the situation and not repeat herself on Wednesday on Instagram Live.WWETV Now looks at the issue that has caused this tension where Trina...

mayweather 50 cent

Floyd Mayweather & 50 Cent Go Another Round Online

Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent are back at it again. Mayweather took to his social media to post about where he believes 50 Cent's career took a downturn. The post came out of nowhere as 50 Cent has been recently trolling comedian Michael Blackson. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0_kE_inDJq/ Mayweather points to 50’s album...

mj vs prince

#OldSchoolSaturday – Bad The Original No Guidance?

(WWETV Network) It's a double dose of Venom today for #OldSchoolSaturday as I also take you down memory lane once again with Michael Jackson and Prince. Yesterday, Drake and Chris Brown, released the music video, "No Guidance" to end their years long rivalry.Chris Brown and Drake are always at the...


Cardi B’s Team Denies Claims Of Assaulting Blogger

Cardi B's rivalry with blogger Tasha K continues. A statement has been released saying allegations "frivolous" and "without merit" in regards to claims that she assaulted Latasha K. Latasha K (Tasha K) and Starmarie Ebony Jones were sued by Cardi B for defamation in March, after they made an online...

lord jamar brand nubian

50 Cent Calls Out Lord Jamar As Clout Chaser

Lord Jamar 50 Cent has always been a rapper that would battle anyone and in recent years has been one of the biggest trolls online. It is also no secret that 50 Cent has stated that one person he would never beef with is Eminem due to Slim Shady changing...


50 Cent Removes Young Buck Video From Youtube

G UNIT 50 Cent has taken another step in his beef with former friend and artist under his label in Young Buck. 50 Cent has taken the music video by Young Buck down from the youtube platform. You can no longer see his “Road Trip” video. In what appears to...

brooklyn tea talk

Brooklyn Tea Talk About 50 Cent vs Young Buck

(WWETV Network) WorldWide Entertainment TV Host Brooklyn speaks on the topic of G Unit imploding as 50 Cent trolls Young Buck. The two have fallen out of favor due to allegations thrown at Young Buck about having relations with a transvestite. Young Buck has taken it upon himself by stating:...

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