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Bushwick Bill’s Son Responds To Willie D’s Interview

During an interview with Geto Boys member, Willie D, the rapper informed fans there was no love lost between him and the late Bushwick Bill (Richard Stephen Shaw) to VladTV. Willie D didn't stop there with his revelations. Willie talked candidly about Shaw's reported issues with substance abuse.With tension already...


Bushwick Bill’s Family Clears Air Over GoFundMe Controversy

The legendary rapper Bushwick Bill of the legendary Geto Boys, passed away and fans are still feeling the effects. However, there have been people trying to capitalize on his passing with phony GoFundMe campaigns. The family has started the official GoFundMe campaign with the hopes of raising $100K to help...

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Geto Boys’ Bushwick Bill Has Been Confirmed Dead at 52

Bushwick Bill (Geto Boys’ Bushwick Bill died Sunday evening, his publicist confirmed to Associated Press and on Instagram. Earlier this year, he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He was 52. Earlier Sunday, false reports of Bushwick Bill’s death spread after Geto Boys’ Scarface shared the news of his...