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Kawhi Leonard Thanks Toronto & Raptors

Kawhi Leonard helped to bring Toronto its first ever NBA Championship by defeating the defending champions, Golden State Warriors in six games. There was disappointment in the city when "The Claw" decided not to return to the Raptors franchise. Although, he is now apart of the Los Angeles Clippers, Kawhi...

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100 Watts – Kawhi Leonard Diss

Kawhi Leonard was a hero for Toronto Raptors fans for bringing the city its first NBA Championship. The 6ix went to great lengths to keep "The Claw" on their beloved Raptors. Kawhi Leonard ended up making one of the biggest moves in free agency history when he maneuvered Paul George...

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Bill Russell – Pioneer Of NBA Player Empowerment

Today's #FridayFlashback takes a look at the rise of player empowerment in the NBA. Kawhi Leonard orchestrated perhaps the biggest power play by a player in NBA history during the 2019 free agency season. It may have sparked a new era in the way athletes deal with franchises. ESPN's Rachel...


Kawhi Leonard Already Receiving Hate In LA

Clippers The rivalry between the Clippers and Lakers in Los Angeles has been taken to new heights ever since Kawhi Leonard and Paul George shocked everyone with their power move during the NBA free agency season. Leonard signed with the team as a free agent while George requested a trade...

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#WorldWide Reaction To Kawhi Leonard to LA

Clippers The after affects of Kawhi Leonard moving back to his hometown of Los Angeles is still making waves online. The Raptors fan base is crushed and are left wondering how their team will be defending their chip. The pundits were all wrong except for this one segment which came...

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Michael Rapaport Rips Into Drake & OVO

Rihanna and Drake Emotions are high after Kawhi Leonard made his decision to give his basketball skills to the LA Clippers. There were reports that Drake was doing his best to help recruit Leonard along with the reigning NBA Champions, but it was not to be. Many pundits were wrong...

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Kawhi Leonard Leaves Toronto & Stephen A Smith Is Happy

Kawhi Leonard The long wait for the decision of Kawhi Leonard has led to him announcing he will be joining the LA Clippers. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Leonard would be leaving the Raptors to join the Los Angeles Clippers on a four-year, $142 million max contract. https://twitter.com/wojespn/status/1147383197640134656 Paul George...

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Reportedly Kawhi Leonard Offered Role With Drake’s OVO Label

Drake Despite being criticized for his reporting in the last few months, Chris Broussard ignores critical fans and continues reporting NBA updates. The latest includes Drake, who is the global ambassador of the Raptors, making an offer to Kawhi Leonard. "Kawhi Update: Raptors had strong meeting yesterday," Broussard wrote. "Drake...


Sources Say Lakers Confident in Kawhi Leonard Signing

The rumblings have only increased that Kawhi Leonard is seriously considering joining the storied Los Angeles Lakers. The team recently acquired the services of Anthony Davis and last year we all saw Lebron James join LA's most iconic team (sorry Clippers). Kevin Durant, shocked everyone when he decided to leave...

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