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the game

Game Asks For Lakers To Rep Nipsey Hussle Alternate Jerseys

The Los Angeles Lakers are beloved by many fans and that includes West Coast rapper The Game. Even though the team didn't reach the playoffs last season, they are still a popular team that critics and fans expect to be top contenders for the next season. The Game has issued...

bill russel

Bill Russell – Pioneer Of NBA Player Empowerment

Today's #FridayFlashback takes a look at the rise of player empowerment in the NBA. Kawhi Leonard orchestrated perhaps the biggest power play by a player in NBA history during the 2019 free agency season. It may have sparked a new era in the way athletes deal with franchises. ESPN's Rachel...

jordan 23 lebron

Does Lebron James Have Right to Pass #23 Torch?

#23 One of the most storied teams in sports are the Los Angeles Lakers. They have a history of legends who brought showtime to Hollywood representing the NBA. From the early days of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who many claim is the greatest Laker ever.The Lakers organization doesn't stop there with all-time...


Sources Say Lakers Confident in Kawhi Leonard Signing

The rumblings have only increased that Kawhi Leonard is seriously considering joining the storied Los Angeles Lakers. The team recently acquired the services of Anthony Davis and last year we all saw Lebron James join LA's most iconic team (sorry Clippers). Kevin Durant, shocked everyone when he decided to leave...

Hip Hop

Snoop Dogg Reps Toronto Raptors & Performs in The 6ix

Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg gave his huge following a treat last night when he previewed new music in the city of Drake. The admitted Los Angeles Lakers fan shocked people online when he adorned himself with Toronto Raptors attire before going out to perform in Toronto. Earlier today (May 21),...

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