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The name of Michael Jackson has been riddled with controversy once again in the last couple of months due to a documentary entitled Leaving Neverland. The nephew of Michael Jackson admits to working on a counter documentary and has given more details on what it will encompass. 

Taj Jackson has been vocal about the Wade Robson and James Safechuck focused documentary about child molestation allegations towards the pop star. He gave an exclusive interview to NME that gave insight on what is to come.

The nephew promises his documentary won’t be about celebrating the life of one of the most popular musicians ever because he states “There’s loads of those already”. Taj Jackson continued to say:

This is not going to be a puff piece. It’s not going to be, ‘Oh, let’s show Michael Jackson the humanitarian.’ This is about exposing all the things that have been mustering for 20, 30 years, you know?

Taj Jackson

He makes mention that the documentary will begin in 1993 when the first allegations were made against Michael Jackson by 13 year old Jordin Chandler and Evan his father. 

It’s going to start off with the 1993 allegations because I think that’s where everything started

Taj Jackson

The documentary will delve into the reasons for the settlement that occurred with the Chandlers for $23,000,000 and the closing of the criminal case in 1994. 

It’s going to talk about the settlement in terms of the civil suit and why he settled. At one point he was very against settling and angry and then gave in. So why did he do that? So [the documentary is] going to talk about all of that.

Taj Jackson

Taj Jackson was also asked if this was going to be a fair and unbias presentation and he answered sternly with: 

I’m going to go with the facts

Taj Jackson

Leaving Neverland has one serious complaint from some fans and critics and that is the film refused to speak to any Jackson family member or any of the legal team that was apart of legal proceedings concerning Michael Jackson’s allegations. Dan Reed the director of the film stated to NME below why there were certain persons missing from his film. 

It’s not a platform for the Jackson estate to launch their campaign of counter-information. That’s not what we provide. In this documentary, people make very serious allegations about Michael Jackson. It’s not a piece of showbiz shim-sham.”

Taj Jackson states that he wants to find anymore accusers if possible and even the accuser from 1993 Jordan Chandler. The aforementioned has seemed to disappear from public sightings. 

If I can find them then one hundred percent [I would like to interview them. Jordy Chandler would be the biggest one for me. But people have already tried to reach out to him, he’s fled somewhere. I would be honoured because his father was the one who put him up to [accusing Michael]. He didn’t want to do any of it and originally even said nothing had happened. So I would be willing to do that, and with Gavin too

Taj Jackson

The documentary is being made right now according to Taj Jackson. There is no date mentioned as to when this will be completed however. Taj Jackson also spoke to NME about the family having an intervention with Michael Jackson about children. He said that after the 2004-2005 criminal trial after being charged by Gavin Arvizo the family stepped in.

That’s exactly what happened after the trial. And that’s why after the trial it was all family. We said to him: ‘You have plenty of family members. You have plenty of nieces and nephews’. And he agreed

Taj Jackson

Taj went on to explain that Michael Jackson’s downfall was always having the need to help people. He went on to explain the whole ordeal with the 13 year old Gavin Arvizo. 

He said to me, ‘I could not let that kid die.’ He had cancer at the time he met Michael Jackson. He doesn’t have cancer anymore but he had cancer and a lot of people forget that. When it comes to people who are dying my uncle…he felt like he had to be there for these people.

Taj Jackson

It was reported that Michael Jackson has been removed from the set list of rapper/singer Drake for his UK tour. The nation overseas don’t all agree with the ban of his music however. There have been adverts defending Michael Jackson and protests in the streets. 

Taj Jackson also spoke about the ban on his uncle’s music. He doesn’t seem to be phased by it. He remembers this sort of ban occuring in 2005 recalling the story with NME.

This is nothing new for us. In Germany, when the trial was going on, they banned Jackson music, not even just Michael Jackson music. So [3T] were banned and Janet [Jackson] was banned. So I think there was a natural reaction to punish everyone

Taj Jackson

Taj also did a sit down interview with TRT about all of the news concerning his famous uncle over the last few weeks.