Takeoff Murder Suspect Receives $5K From Judge For P.I.: Report



The DJ accused of killing Takeoff is determined to prove his innocence and Patrick Xavier Clark now has the chance to hire a private investigator. Clark and his attorney have denied the allegations against him as the Houston musician faces murder charges. Prosecutors claim Clark is the person who fired the shots that took the life of Takeoff. The rapper was attending a private event on November 1 with approximately 30 people when a verbal argument turned deadly. Police say Takeoff was an innocent bystander who wasn’t involved in the disagreement.

Meanwhile, following Clark’s arrest, he asked a judge to provide finances so he could hire a private investigator to work his case. NBC News reports the motion was granted and he will receive $5,000 to fund his efforts.

The outlet stated the P.I. agreed to take on the case, albeit at a rate under what they normally charge. The private investigator will also receive devices including a printer and laptop, provided by the sheriff’s office.

In a recent report by The Daily Beast, those who know Clark couldn’t believe that he is facing murder charges. The publication stated that Clark’s friends, who wanted to remain anonymous, believe the DJ is being “framed” for the crime. Clark’s lawyer also shared her client feels “nervous” and “concerned” because he insists he is innocent.

Another man, Cameron Joshua, was also arrested. However, it’s reported that he was taken into custody for having a firearm in his possession, not for the murder of the Migos rapper.

The investigation into this case was expected to be a quick one due to the number of people at the scene at the time of the shooting. Yet, police publicly stated they were struggling with moving forward because several witnesses were unwilling to cooperate with the investigation.