Takeoff Update: Lil Cam Arrested On Felony Gun Possession



Less than a week after Houston Police chief Troy Finner made it known that he’s determined to serve “some justice” in Takeoff’s tragic murder case, an arrest has been made in connection to the situation that unfolded in Texas on November 1st.

According to reports, 22-year-old Lil Cam has been finally taken into police custody. He reportedly had a weapon on the night of the killing. It’s important to note that, at this time, no one is accusing him of pulling the trigger that left the Migos artist dead.


Various outlets broke the news on Saturday (November 26). In the comment section on @theneighborhoodtalk’s page, one Instagram user offered some speculation as to what police might be doing at this stage in the investigation.

“For the [people] that don’t understand what’s going on,” they began. “They know he killed Take but they don’t have enough to arrest him for murder. Because he had a gun and he is a felon, that’s enough to arrest him and hold him while they test the gun to see if it was used in the murder.”

Others pointed out that Lil Cam’s name was previously floating around in connection to the case earlier this month. However, at the same time, reports began surfacing that Takeoff’s killer also met his end in an act of revenge.

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