Talib Kweli Says Kanye Admits Jealousy Of Drake


Drink Champs with N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN had Talib Kweli for over 2 hours along with Dead Prez to discuss various topics which included Kanye West. Kweli revealed Kanye West was jealous of Drake when they lived near each other in Calabasas.

 “He says to me, not in his house but in the studio, how living in Calabasas while Drake was there, was hard on him. Because he felt the competitive energy, and how when Drake moved away, he had this creative rush. Which to me, I’m like ‘Yo, how you let this next man affect your energy?’”

Talib Kweli

He continues, “This is something I felt, but I didn’t speak on at the time. Now I see how the years play out… Kanye wants to be #1. He wants to be talked about all the time. I feel like he’s triggered by Drake. He’s triggered by Obama calling him a jackass. And I feel like he just wants to be liked, and he’s misinformed.”