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Tallup Twin arrested before his Rolling Loud Toronto Set

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There was a lot going on the second day of Rolling Loud Toronto as rumors swirled of a shooting, but the truth is Jane and Finch’s Tallup Twin got arrested just before his scheduled live performance.

People were originally thankful that there was no shooting or person injured on night two as the police did a thorough investigation and ensured patrons it was indeed a rumor. However, a new report states otherwise from the police.

Pressa made mention of this incident being reported incorrectly by CP24, but it appears the police department has now confirmed there was a shooting at the event.

It’s been a homecoming for Pressa, BFR Bundog, and WhyG as they headed back from Los Angeles for Rolling Loud. Bundog had previously stated that he and his brother Pressa, were paid $50,000 USD each to perform at the first ever Rolling Loud in their home city.

FB who is apart of Wass Gang reunited with the crew on stage during the scheduled set for Tallup Twin. However, he also made mention on his Instagram that Tallup got arrested before the event. It appears that WhyG more than pleased the audience in his absence as reports state the crowd was really into his performance.

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