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Tamika Mallory Receives Backlash Over Cadillac Commercial

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tamika mallory

In 2020, the black community was hit with some emotionally draining events with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and riots across the world.

Organizations such as Black Lives Matter took leading roles in fighting against social injustice. By default, individuals also came to the forefront for the movement such as Tamika Mallory. One of the most iconic moments during the riots of last year was seeing Mallory on television showing her extreme emotion of seeing the death of George Floyd.

Tamika Mallory has gained a following and supporters with her message, but there are those who question her motives. Youtuber Hassan Campbell has been questioning her actions when it comes to having the same strong voice for unknown incidents and parents. Do you agree with his take below?

Mallory didn’t quiet her critics with her recent business move of starring in a Cadillac commercial. Dr. Boyce Watkins asked the question on what would Dr. Martin Luther King’s reaction to her commercial. One of his followers left a comment in defense of Mallory by throwing an insult to the iconic civil rights movement leader.

Check out the commercial and more reactions below.

Mysonne, Mallory’s co-host on the podcast “For The Record: Chasing Freedom,” came to her defense for accepting a corporate sponsorship.

“White Supremacy is A structure Controlled by billionaires who’s job is to keep it going, You can’t dismantle it with poor people who’s Hobby is to fight it. Activism is work!! Lifetime work and Activist have to pay bills..Sorry,” Mysonne tweeted.

He continued with his Tweet rant defending the business move.