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Tamir Rice Mom Speaks Out Against Shaun King & Online Reactions


samira rice

Tamir Rice’s mother speaks out against Shaun King for raising money for “Black Lives Lost” & ‘allegedly’ keeping the money for himself.

Multiple people including an activist #KJGBRKS has spoken up about Shaun King’s actions. Tamir Rice responds to Shaun King about an article he wrote, surrounding a conversation they had. Tamir Rice was only 12 years old when a Cleveland, Ohio police officer shot and killed him in 2014.

Tamir was seen at the park playing with a toy gun, when former cop Timothy Loehmann killed him. The Officer was never charged for Tamirs death. Cleveland fired Loehmann in 2017, not for killing Tamir but for providing false information on his job application.

Check out the reactions to the letter and tension between Shaun King and Samira Rice above on social media.