Taraji P Henson To Play Whitney Houston In Clive Davis Produced Biopic?

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Whitney Houston is one of the greatest singers ever in the music industry. There have been documentaries and even a Lifetime biopic about the songstress. However, music mogul, Clive Davis doesn’t believe she has been portrayed appropriately in the Angela Basset directed biopic and plans to produce his own. The 2015 film, which starred Yaya DaCosta and Arlen Escarpeta as the lead roles, earned several nominations, but received backlash from fans for their portrayal of the life of Whitney Houston which focused on her relationship with Bobby Brown. He was “very disappointed,” he said about those films because it lacked focus about her impact as a singer.

Although Clive Davis is currently an 87-year-old music executive, the iconic music figure discovered some of the most legendary acts in history which include Whitney Houston which he considered his friend. He founded both Arista and J Records and served as president of Columbia Records before later taking on the title of CEO of RCA Music Group. Currently, he’s the CCO of Sony Music Entertainment.

He recently spoke with Los Angeles Times and revealed that “the story of Whitney Houston has not been told yet.”

Since that announcement, Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law and the executor to her estate, spoke with TMZ about the news that Clive Davis broke. She stated to the media outlet that “You think he’s doing this alone?” in a gleeful voice. “We’re apart of it also… Clive has been, professionally, a wonderful person, personally, a wonderful person. We have a relationship. If there’s anything that we can do for him or him for us, it’s done.”

Pat Houston was asked who would play the legend and wouldn’t give an answer until the interviewer asked her if Jennifer Hudson was a possibility. She responded with “To play who?” as if she felt Hudson was a terrible choice (Hudson has received backlash from iconic Aretha Franklin’s family for her portrayal of her in a biopic that the family disapproves of). The cameraman answered her back with “Whitney, but Pat Houston ended up saying “I love Taraji Henson. I love Taraji… Taraji’s my girl.” Pat added, “I can’t really talk about the biopic… You asked me who would I like. I like Taraji.”

Taraji P Henson is one of the hotter women acts in Hollywood in recent years due to the success of her portrayal of Cookie Lyon on Empire. The one time ratings monster is in its final season on Fox Television. Would Taraji P Henson be a good choice for the role of Whitney Houston?