Tasha K Files for Bankruptcy as Cardi B Awaits Over $3 Million

Cardi B, known for her fierce pursuit of money, is now witnessing the consequences as Tasha K’s YouTube earnings are seized.

When it comes to protecting her finances, Cardi B does not hesitate to take action. The Grammy Award-winning artist once again demonstrates her determination after winning her defamation lawsuit against Tasha K. A month ago, reports emerged that Cardi B was seizing Tasha K’s social media earnings, with the remaining balance of nearly $4 million still pending. Initially, Cardi received a sum of over $10,000 from Tasha’s ad revenue, followed by an additional $640. Although these amounts are welcome, they barely make a dent in the substantial debt owed.

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Late on Thursday (May 25), @theneighborhoodtalk exclusively reported that the embattled internet star has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as of yesterday. “A Chapter 11 debtor usually proposes a plan of reorganization to keep its business alive and pay creditors over time,” explained the outlet. “The plans are designed to keep the business operational during and following the bankruptcy process.” As part of the application, a list of assets must be submitted, revealing that Tasha K currently has a mere $95 in her Chase account.



Reportedly, her personal possessions, including purses, cars, clothing, her engagement ring, and business-related properties, have an estimated worth of $58,595.56. Currently, Tasha K is not facing eviction from her home, although Cardi B has explored options for seizing her enemies’ property in the past. It remains uncertain whether the YouTuber has a clear plan or a timeline for getting out of debt, but the journey ahead seems long and challenging.

Following Cardi B’s triumph last October, Tasha K attempted to appeal the judgment. However, Cardi B’s legal team swiftly requested the appeal to be dismissed, while the 41-year-old persisted in pleading for a new trial. Ultimately, the judge sided with the New Yorker, who had been emotionally affected by Tasha’s false claims, including an STI accusation and other damaging remarks.

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