Cardi B has started out the new year on a winning note after being declared the victor in her federal libel lawsuit against blogger Tasha K. The blogger put out false rumors about the rapper having an STD, as well as information about her young daughter. The suit was worth $1.25 million, which was already looking like a serious blow to Tasha’s bank account. However, it seems as though she may need to cough up even more.According to Dennis Byron, who has been following this case from the courtroom, Tasha K’s damages have already exceeded $2.8 million. On top of that, the jury was deliberating on Tuesday morning (January 25) on another $1.3 million in attorney fees, which Tasha would be liable to pay. This means that the blogger could be on the hook for over $4 million, which would surely impact her financial situation.”My Husband, Attorney’s, & I fought really hard. I want to thank them for their long hours and sleepless nights,” said Tasha on Twitter after losing her legal battle. “I forgot to thank all of the viewers for all of your support. In this business, this is part of the protocol. Everyone in my seat has been through this, & this ain’t the last. This comes with the territory. See y’all Friday! It’s long overdue!”

As more information comes out regarding Tasha K and Cardi B‘s lawsuit decision, we will keep you updated. What do you think about the jury deliberating on an additional $1.3 million?