#TBT History – I Have A Dream Speech by Dr. King

Dr King

The 1960’s was a tumultuous time as African Americans were in a civil rights movement that was ignited by Rosa Parks. The people of the time were fighting for equality and the shedding of systemic racism that had institutions implement rules that caused separation in public washrooms and the schooling system.

Following the lead of Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, took a stand by leading marches and trying to change the system from the bottom to the top. He spoke with the President of the United States at the time, Lyndon B. Johnson, demanding action take place to change America.

In 2019, the times have changed, but there are still many fighting to make America a better place under the presidency of New York tycoon turned reality star, Donald Trump.

BET once had a top 100 video countdown which included some of the greatest pieces of art ever produced by the likes of legends such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Marvin Gaye, and so much more with visuals for singles such as “Man In The Mirror” and “What’s Going On” with highly impactful social commentary.

However, the music station awarded Dr. King’s speech of “I Have A Dream” as the greatest video in history due to its impact paving the way for the legends who changed the course of music history. It was 56 years ago on August 28th, that Dr. Martin Luther King gave perhaps the 20th century’s greatest speech.

Americans of African descent have paid tributes to the iconic civil rights leader. One classic show that always showed their respect to what Dr. King did for the advancement of black people in the United States has been The Jeffersons. The show was one of the early programs that portrayed an African American family on television. It also was historic for showing an affluent entrepreneur that achieved the American Dream.

Watch the full speech that rocked America in the 1960’s below.