Tekashi 6ix9ine Reportedly Released From Prison

The man some call “The King Of New York” is having a pretty rough week as he was facing jail time for Thanksgiving, but a turn of events now sees the rapper being released on this holiday.

Cosmopolitan media outlet is also proclaiming Tekashi has been transferred to a prison where:

“Witnesses Who Cooperate with the Feds”

Sources tell TMZ that Tekashi was transferred Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, and that he “specifically asked to be in a unit away from the Crips and the Bloods.”

Meanwhile, his attorney Lance Lazzaro reportedly declined to comment on whether the rapper is trying to cut a deal in return for—as TMZ delicately puts it—”spilling the beans on others in his racketeering case.” Lazzaro claims the transfer was due to security reasons, and that Tekashi was getting threats at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, where he was originally being held.

His “Dummy Boy” project which was supposed to be released soon is put on hold until further notice as well.