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Miss Lady Andi speaks with Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast about the heartbreaking news of the murder of children killed at Robb Elementary School.

An 18-year-old gunman killed 21 people, including 18 students in a shooting at an elementary school in Texas on Tuesday. Investigators say the suspect was armed with a handgun and was killed by the responding officers.


Global News is reporting the investigation led police to discover what appeared to be an AK-47-style gun and a replica AR-15-style Orbeez rifle inside a vehicle used by the suspect in the parking lot of 1551 East Spring Valley Rd.

Officers were able to identify the suspect as a student of Berkner High School. He was arrested on a charge of unlawfully carrying weapons in a weapon-free school zone, which is a state jail felony.

“I just don’t know how people can sell that type of a gun to a kid 18 years old,” Eliahna’s aunt, Siria Arizmendi, said angrily through tears. “What is he going to use it for but for that purpose?”

About 30 minutes before the bloodbath, Salvador Ramos made three social media posts, Abbot said. According to him, Ramos posted that he was going to shoot his grandmother, then that he had shot the woman, and finally that he was going to shoot up an elementary school.

Abbott said Ramos, a resident of the community about 135 kilometres west of San Antonio, had no known criminal or mental health history.

Seventeen people were also injured in the attack.

“Evil swept across Uvalde yesterday. Anyone who shoots his grandmother in the face has to have evil in his heart,” Abbott said at a news conference. “But it is far more evil for someone to gun down little kids. It is intolerable and it is unacceptable for us to have in the state anybody who would kill little kids in our schools.”