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The Entertainment World Goes Black For Blackout Tuesday


black out tuesday

The tensions between law enforcement and citizens is reaching a fever pitch as protests in the United States have been going on for days since the death of George Floyd. We all know the story already on what happened to him and celebrities are joining forces with citizens in protest.

Today is June 2nd and has been declared Black Out Day to show solidarity for the death of George Floyd. Check out the celebrities below who are in unison. Rihanna took to her twitter to say she was “gang gang” for the team.

we ain’t buying shit!!! and we ain’t selling shit neither!! gang gang! #BLACKOUTTUESDAY AF!!! 



Rolling Stone has an article about some in the entertainment industry in confusion on what this #theshowmustbepaused actually means.

The music business is holding a “blackout” on Tuesday. But artists, executives, and companies are divided about what actually means
Rolling Stone