The Game and Glasses Malone and Crooked I were all having a conversation on social media platform Clubhouse.  The Game took the opportunity to state to all in the room that he believes he’s the best rapper from Compton. Not to many artists in that region could say he was wrong, but there are those who favor Kendrick Lamar. Game made sure to mention he also includes the rap superstar.

“Can’t nobody in Compton outrap Game, n***a. Can’t nobody in Compton outrap me,” said The Game. “Kendrick my n***a, Kendrick doing his sh*t. I love that n***a to death. I flew past Kendrick when that n***a was on foot, n***a, in a Range Rover and showed him how to do this sh*t. Don’t play. Don’t play with Game name. Compton, n***a. Hardest n***a in Compton, rapping, lyricist, me. Any n***a that say any different, I’ll body him and any n***a he f*ck with.”

Social media obviously had their viewpoints on these thoughts and took to Twitter to let the world know who they believed to be the superior rapper.