The Game Reveals Michael Jackson Wanted Him On His Album With 50 Cent

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The Game announced his latest project, “Born 2 Rap”, will be his last album to be released. In various interviews, The Game has been very open about his past in the music business and once again reveals some interesting information.

The Game was apart of G Unit during his early days, but the LA rapper fell out with the New York hip hop artist 50 Cent which led to Game leaving the group. This altercation has diss tracks ensuing and people pondering if there was going to be another east coast vs west coast hip hop war due to their hatred at the time.

This made people wanting the two rappers to stop their beef and even one of the most iconic stars in music history wanted to see an end to their dispute.  According to  The Game, Michael Jackson wanted to see the two get back together on a record as the two made huge hits such as “MVP” and “This Is How We Do”.

“That was weird as f*ck,” Game told HipHopDX. “It’s like, this ain’t how I wanna meet Michael Jackson or talk to Michael Jackson. I kinda felt like Mike was on some lame sh*t. Like, who sent you type sh*t, but at the same time it was like, you know that voice Michael Jackson’s voice that you hear. Like, that n*gga wasn’t talking like that. It was like, lowkey deep. You could still tell it was Michael Jackson but it was more like…it was like regular.”

Michael Jackson was a fan of the song “This Is How We Do” and told The Game that he believed he did great work with 50 Cent.  The rapper even said Michael quoted some of his lyrics as proof that he was a fan.

Michael Jackson explained to The Game that he wanted him on his next album at the time. He said, “It would be a travesty if the world never got to hear you guys again. Would you be open to having a conversation and squashing that beef and doing something for my album?”

The Game was obviously surprised by the offer and said he and Michael discussed the possibility of having both Game and Fif on his record. “At that time I was so in it with Fifty I actually hated Fifty,” Game recalled. “I wanted to kill him at that time. He probably had the same mutual feelings for me. That’s where Mike lost me. In my head, I was just not open to doing that. I can’t remember how we ended the conversation or whatnot. I didn’t tell Mike ‘No,’ but it never came to fruition”.